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Innovative Thinker + Digital Storyteller + Creative Marketing Consultant

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You're probably wondering why you should hire a creative marketing consultant.

The short answer is, you want to grow your business and reach a larger audience. The more nuanced answer is, you want to reach the heart of your customer base and in doing so you need a cohesive voice and mission that aligns with every aspect of your business. A creative marketing consultant like me will make sure that your products, services, and offerings align with the WHY of your business and establishes exponential growth in your industry and community.

I am a creative marketing & social media consultant with a multi-hyphenate background.

For the past 5 years I have transformed my skills in social media management, non-profit marketing, photography, and digital content production to enhance the digital presence and outreach of businesses and organizations. My work in Arts Education showed me the importance of storytelling and my work in marketing showed me how to tell that story. I now work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, restaurants, and non-profit organizations with creative consult and marketing support.


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Social Media Strategy

Build your customer base and increase awareness for your products and services through a tailored social media strategy. I will guide you on the best practices for cultivating a thriving presence in the digital age.

Great for: clients who want to launch and establish themselves on social media.

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Photography &

Video Content

Content is key! Showcasing your business through consistent visual content engages your current following, attracts new customers, and builds trust around your products and offerings.

Great for: clients who want to build their brand identity through visual storytelling.

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Launching a digital campaign is hard work. I will plan and execute your next holiday campaign, product launch, giveaway, or year-end giving fundraiser to help you reach your goal.

Great for: clients who want to boost engagement, increase product sales, cultivate brand loyalty, or fundraise for their organization.

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Social Media Strategy

  • Planned and executed PlayMakers Giving Tuesday social media content calendar with visual content and copy.
  • Engaged followers with milestone celebrations and behind-the-scenes content on Facebook and IG stories.
  • Set up non-profit fundraising tools on all social platforms
  • Organized team members with fundraising toolkit including sharable graphics, elevator pitch, and email copy
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Photography & Videography

  • Marketing consultant for HSTL App, a mobile launch.
  • Provided content strategy for social media marketing.
  • Staged and photographed app in use.
  • Produced short-form video content
  • Enhanced marketing with graphic design, product copy, and social copy.
  • Performed as voice-over talent for video content.
  • Advised on best social marketing practices.
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Campaign Management

  • Managed the marketing initiatives for WTTW/PBS annual sweepstakes.
  • Planned social media strategy and copy
  • Restructured email strategy. Implemented copy and executed email distribution.
  • Managed prize donor accounts with monthly communications and performance reports


"Thank you for your social media content package. The videos and stock photos you created and enhanced really help me get my business out there. I received more reviews and comments on my app HSTL APP. I cannot wait to use your service again. You really brought my vision to life. Definitely will be coming back for more services."

Reggie, Founder of HSTL APP